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Family Politics

Family Responsibilty - Family Politics - Turning Point

Some of these responsibilities I mentioned them in one of my previous chapters but I will be forced to repeat them because more emphasis needs to be put to this area, though I want to avoid repetition of myself.

When you reach the age of forty, there are a lot of responsibilities which require much of your attention as well as energy and this is exactly where you end up with a nervous breakdown.

At that age you have teenagers who obviously need your attention and when you don’t give it, then they look for it elsewhere and most likely they end up getting it from the wrong people.

 On the other hand your parents are at that their age when they have health issues and they also need you around all the time. When parents grow older, they start becoming like children, seeking attention, insecure and afraid of what would happen when left by themselves.

 While you are busy with the two generations, your spouse feels neglected which leads them to looking outside to find comfort and attention. This is normally when divorce is bound to take place because you can’t just easily give up on any of the two generations just for a relationship. All this can easily force you into making business choices that are not fruitful.