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Life Crisis

Self Preservation - Life Crisis - Turning point

Just going through life crisis could easily lead you into persecuting yourself in a way that you end up rejecting yourself. What I mean by rejecting yourself is that you deprive you of the good things that you would achieve or experience in life.

 Rejecting yourself actually is the last stage of rejection of the three and usually very difficult to come out of because it is based on experience from your past, which requires forgiveness and so on and so forth.

 The first stage of rejection is when you feel rejected by people due to the way they have disappointed you again and again.

 The second stage is when you start rejecting people back by pushing them away and usually this happens because you are guarding yourself from being hurt again.

 The third and last stage is rejecting yourself which we mentioned earlier and this usually gets you to isolate yourself and think no one like you and that nothing good would ever come your way.

 This is when you actually lose all hope and start getting ideas of dropping everything because it would never work out anyway. In business challenges are bound to come even though before you started it you dealt with yourself, but the new issues occur and the only way to control them is to have faith and to be positive, knowing that the problem is just temporarily.