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Life Crisis

Lifestyle - Life Crisis - Turning point

Going through life crisis has a very serious way of altering your life style in a way that it digs back from your past whichever habit you used to have in your previous life. People usually say that life begins at forty which is very true because at the age the teenage version of them usually comes back just as I mentioned previously. When you used an alcoholic in your teens, alcohol will come back at forty one until forty nine most especially with men.

 Whet comes to women, if they used to like clubbing, you will notice that when they turn forty their hormones start raging and this is when they start dressing up like young girls, weird hair styles, piercing and tattoos, you name it.

This alteration of life style affects the business because you would always need cash in order to support your habits just like a teenager would and this is when you end up wasting business money.

 It is difficult to avoid the body changes but what I am sure of is that you can come up with a structure where you employ people to run the business and to learn how to separate your personal life from the business.