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Administration - Legal Perspective in Business - Passion At War

When I say administration I actually mean in terms of paper work and things related to that but the actual management which runs your business at large. It is very easy to hold all the responsibility to yourself thinking that you can manage each and every department in your business but in actual sense you really need help. 

I personally had that problem and even now I still straggle with thinking that no one can do it better than I do. My Ex boss a good long lecture when I went to deliver stock at one of his branches and he said to me, “you can’t manage everything on your own but give some of the duties to those who can do it and continue with those that are the most important, everyone needs help”.After I left, what he said really got me thinking and made me realize that I really had an obsession and that I needed to sort it out before it drowned me.

Having handled over some of the responsibility, you have to be so careful not to stick your nose into other departments trying to do work that belongs to someone else. For example hiring and firing, making decisions concerning little things which should taken care of by your employees under you and all that kind of thing (power abuse).