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External War

Environmental Circumstances - External Battle - Passion At War

There are many challenges when your business is located at a spot where nothing is happening. It also depends on what kind of business you are into and if you are running an office whereby you don’t have to deal with clients on a daily basis, then the location doesn’t really matter but if you have to attract customers to you then you need a spot that has movement.

 Does your kind of business apply to the community around you?

This is very important otherwise you will not make have enough business if you’re for instance running an ethnic hair salon yet open it right I the middle of ladies who have natural silky straight hair. You will be required to pay monthly or weekly bills yet clients who apply to your kind of business are intimidated by the environment where the salon is.

When you are targeting low incomers yet situate your business in a high incomers’ area, low incomers will think that you are expensive compared to where you are. Same goes to when you situate at a low incomers’ area, the high incomers will consider the environment unsafe in terms of crime.

Parking will be a problem due to clients being paranoid it is better to consider where you situate your business if you want to succeed.