Open A Business


External War

Financial Stability - External Battle - Passion At War

Like I mentioned in one of my previous chapters, I felt like giving up because of financial reasons. At first business seemed promising and people were all excited, but time came when business was quiet of which it is normal, just that I didn’t know being new in the entrepreneurship in a foreign country.

This is one of the battles I faced and ended up walking around salon to salon, asking whether they were interested in buying my old equipments which I wasn’t using anymore, just to make sure that the bills were paid. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I really made it but you know, with faith nothing is impossible. 

I remember one Nigerian man who is a husband to one of my clients, gave me hair extensions stock on credit to sell then pay him back after a certain period of time. Time was up and I hadn’t sold anything yet. I had to go and walk o streets selling them close to nothing in order to pay off the debt and that was really stressful. 

One thing I know for sure is that never go after making money in business but rather focus on delivering good service and by doing that, people will be attracted to your brand and money will come after you.

Don’t charge so much profit just because you want to get rich quickly, instead a small profit will maintain the originality of your product or service while attracting more and more buyers.