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Body - Human Nature - Passion At War

This human third part is mainly the one which is in charge of carrying or accommodating the other two parts which are the Spirit and the Soul. Without the body we wouldn’t be able to carry on doing anything here on earth and nothing could have been achieved physically without the human being in a body form.

 Basically the body is the part of the human being that can be seen yet at the same time, it is not the human being but the building in which the human being dwells. That is why we get to say, “My eyes are itching or my arm is swollen”. This particular person who says “My eyes” is the real human being but the eyes are the body parts by which are used to visualize what is in the physical form.

 After the Spirit guides the Soul into thinking or meditating o something, the Soul digests on the idea and finally the thought is sent to the body which carries out the task of fulfilling what’s been thought of.

The body has its unseen or invisible part which is called the flesh. This is the negative thought which the Soul yields and when you act negatively, then you are acting according to the Flesh. The Soul also yields good thoughts and this result into positive actions which usually the flesh will be in conflicts with them and that are where you face your inner battle.