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Soul - Human Nature - Passion At War

The Soul is the second part of a human nature which is responsible for holding all the memories or feelings, all the thoughts as well as actions or consequences. It is extremely important that the soul is guided by the spirit into the right direction and when it is influenced negatively, and then your thoughts will be negative which will end the soul into acting according to the way it’s been thinking. The spirit which is the master human is usually the one responsible for leading the soul into whether thinking right or wrong.

The question is how you get the spirit to do a good job. The only way to achieve this is by surrounding you with positive people as I said previously and by this environment, the spirit will start adapting to what it sees, hear and meditate. This will lead the spirit to influence the soul by having positive thoughts, feelings as well as actions which will end up benefiting you and your business.

 Most people struggle and they really loose and get stuck in a mess wondering what went wrong, but the actual problem is nothing other than not changing friends, environment as well as getting away from people they grew up with.

Anything is possible with believing in your creator and as soon as you understand the reason why you were created, everything falls into place.