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Spirit - Human Nature - Passion At War

According to creation to those who believe in it, we existed long before even the world thought it would be formed and our existence was in form of something called Spirit. This is the invisible, immortal and untouchable part of a human being.Every single spirit has its destination with its provision that will sustain it in its life time while in this apartment or suit which is known as the body. We shall discuss soon what the body is and its role I a human life.

 When the spirit enters the body I your mother’s womb, it grows to develop skill and many other characters and because it is now a living being in the physical form, it naturally adopts to the human evil ways of this world.

What does this have to do with business?

You need to know that you are provided with all that you need in this life including your business needs and all you need to do is to tap into the right direction, listen to your spirit and it will guide you to wherever your treasures are stored.