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Inner Battle

Confidence - Inner Battle - Pasion At War

Next thing you start experiencing is lack of confidence whereby you start feeling like a loser, thinking maybe you are not good enough for anything and many other negative thoughts start showing up.

 This is the time when all your past experience of your childhood comes back in case you never got a chance to deal with it. That is why it is very important to deal with any issues and I mean personal because all these affect your business life. Not only you would take it out on your clients, colleagues or even competitors but also start running away from challenges when things get tough.

 Confidence is installed into a child’s life at a very early stage and everything said or done to them, does really affect their adulthood in a way that when they face the world out there, they get filled with all kind of insecurity.

 There are many ways to correct it though and some of them are changing the people you hang out with, learn to choose who builds you and who breaks you, move from where you grew up and start a new life with strangers elsewhere. This will help you adopt new ways of living and behaving which will end up deleting your old negative ways of up bring.