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Inner Battle

Flesh Vs Soul - Inner Battle - Pasion At War

Many times we battle against our very selves yet we never realize it because we are usually destructed by the things of the flesh and we fail to listen to what our souls are saying.

The flesh is usually the enemy to the soul and the secret is that whichever side you give more of your attention, is the one that grows stronger suppressing the other side. We shall soon discover what the flesh does and what feeds it as well as what the soul likes.

When you want your business to be stable and established you have to be principled and well disciplined. You also have to be well equipped for all the challenges because it isn’t a joke out there and your competitors are not there to fool around but to make money no matter what it takes and if they learn your weakness they will eat you up alive.

 My soul was telling me one thing but the flesh on the other hand was saying the opposite. Especially when tough times arrived whereby the business was so quiet and it’s the first months, because I had no idea when were my seasons and the bad times. Because of lack of knowledge you tend to fall apart and start to panic and eventually if you are not strong enough you end up closing the business down.