Open A Business


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Ownership Power - Life Giving Words - Pasion At Birth

Before owning a business I the physical form you have to own it in the unseen world. I other wards believe in yourself that you can make this dream happen. Take charge of it and straight away start telling people that you have started something and that you own it and it is set up and running.

After my whole period of running my own salon which was like four years altogether, I gave birth to this idea of manufacturing hair products. This is something I always wanted yet didn’t exactly know how to go about it.

I had a few ideas of how to and what to mix in order to get good hair moisturizer but had no qualifications concerning chemistry which was an intimidation to me. I was a bit nervous and paranoid when I put my concoction out there on the market. But you know I am that kind who takes my chances and surprisingly people loved it and started spreading word of mouth. This encouraged me to introduce much more others like braid sprays, hot oil treatments, shampoo, scalp therapy, skin moisturizer and many more.