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Negative Speech - Life Giving Words - Pasion At Birth

I finally discovered that saying negative things about me not only closed doors for me but also shuttered my mindset that I couldn’t believe in myself. This was before I left my job to start my own business in Cape Town.

As we all know very well, being on a foreign land besides English you can’t actually speak the native languages. By that language barrier you tend to believe that you would never relate to the people around you in order to sell any product or service to them.

Listening to what other people said also gave me second thoughts before going ahead with my plans. I remember my ex boss saying in my face that it wouldn’t be easy out there and should I leave, I would go back to him begging for my job back. All this negative information planted fear inside of me which made me to hang in there working for him a little longer.

It’s one thing to hear people say negative things and they will always do so but believing in what they say is another. No matter how difficult it sounds and crazy it looks to be true, just believe that it is possible in a matter of time.

Avoid people who talk negative but surround you with those who are ambitious, risk takers and are willing to try anything despite the failure.