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Positive Speech - Life Giving Words - Pasion At Birth

I always have this habit of responding to people when they ask me how business is doing. I usually say, “Yes, business is doing well “. To be honest at times it’s tough and quiet but because I have to mind my tongue, I have to use the right words that won’t put me into trouble. Most of the times we say what we have instead of having what we say.

 Every single word that comes out of your mouth is bound to create whatever it is sent to. Saying things like, “life is bad, business is so quiet, no one likes me, I’m not strong enough for anything, I don’t think I can ever make it, customers will never come to me, I am not meant to be a boss but an employee” and so on and so forth. Say positive things to your life and eventually you will start believing what you say and finally become what you believe.