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Life Tense

Future - Life Tense - Pasion At Birth

Do you want to know exactly where you are going? Just take a look at where you are coming from. Where you are coming from and where you are right now determines your future and that is why it is important to clear the air in your present because if it is contaminated by the past, then clearly your future will be badly affected by your present, just like your present could be affected by your past. 

I am not saying that we shouldn’t even plan for the future, but what I am saying is that you should make your positive choices now. Have a dream or vision but do not try to accomplish it by your physical effort, but apply your common sense minus nonsense.

In my personal experience I learned not to worry about what would happen the following day because since I couldn’t touch it or even change it physically, I chose to prepare it by making positive choices then focus on my present.

Eventually the present smoothly blends me into the future without my attention and by just exercising that principal, I ended up spending every single second of my life in the present and the future takes care of itself.