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Life Tense

Present - Life Tense - Pasion At Birth

When you start to exist in the present, you start appreciating and taking note of all the little things that are happening in your life. We can neither touch the past nor the future but we can experience the present because it is what we are having at the moment.

Living in the present allows you to make peace with that past because when you look back, you actually realize that hadn’t you gone through all that you did, you wouldn’t have reached where you are right now.

 Remember, every negative thing that happens to you is to make you strong if it doesn’t kill you, preparing you for the greater things to come in your future and unless you embrace your present, you cannot grow to learn from the mistakes that were made in the past.

 Some try to avoid the present simply because it keeps reminding them of their past and eventually they choose to live in their future rather. Let’s say the person who hurt you in the past has a child and this child is in your present. You start to punish them yet they could be your healing point to deal with your anger and move on.