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Life Tense

Past - Life Tense - Pasion At Birth

I have a question for you. Do you live in the past, present or future?

Like I said, most people live in the past in other wards they dwell on what happened in their past life instead of focusing on what is happening at the moment. The problem with that is that you fail to appreciate it simply because you are still holding grudges or trying to get people who are in your present to pay the debts in your past.

You walk around mad at the world, expecting answers and explanations about things that went wrong years ago and in most cases, these people who owe you don’t even exist anymore. But because you need answers you punish those who are in your present trying to get back at them in order to ease your pain and anger. Each and every second that goes by becomes past and you can never redeem it back but the question is how you spent it.