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Anger Management - Self Discovering - Pasion At Birth

As time goes by you start developing characters that are based on what your childhood was like and in most cases because of the damage done in the early stage, anger piles up without even you realizing it.

Usually people with anger issues never acknowledge simply because themselves do not take note of it. In order to see the problem about yourself, you have to turn your eyes from others that you might be blaming and look at yourself. That way you will be able to spot all the mistakes and try to figure out where exactly you went wrong.

I had a friend who had problems each and everywhere he was, be it with friends, at school with kids and teachers, even at home where he lived. We all could see that he had anger and bitterness especially towards women but he wouldn’t view it that way. Only to find out that the root of the problem was that his mother had a drinking problem and because his mother hurt him emotionally, he resented all females. All these are some of the issues that have to be resolved in order to establish a successful business otherwise you won’t keep everyone around you happy when you can’t keep yourself.