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Self Discovering

Personal Issues - Self Discovering - Pasion At Birth

There are many other obstacles besides fear of unknown as I have mentioned above and some of them can be very dangerous when it comes to discovering yourself and knowing exactly who you are and what you want in life.

 Unresolved issues could easily hinder this process and unless you deal with them, there will always be someone to be blamed or something to hold on to and not letting out of the way in order to make room for the positive things to occupy that space.

May things that affect us during our life time are things that happened a long time ago while still children and it is normally difficult to really get to the bottom of the problem later on even admitting that there is one.

The first step to healing in life is to acknowledge that you are one with the problem and no one else. Unless you admit there will always be this mentality of believing that the whole world is against you. Yet the real enemy here is moving with you everywhere you go and that enemy is yourself.

Things that happen in a child’s life between the age of three and six, determine their personality as well as character when they are grown. It is easy though to repair the damages which requires you to take a decision to that and nobody else can do it for you.