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Out Of Business  - Retrenchment - Unhappy With Your Job

Speaking of economy, this is one of the things that many times lead companies to run out of business. A good example is big companies that were dealing in hair extensions a few years ago. Things went wrong and out of the blue they had to pack up and move out of the country.

One of the reasons that came to my attention was that they were not making good sales any longer due to competition coming from left, right and centre. When you are employed at such a company, this is likely to put a threat on your job security which could lead you to living a stressful life at work. Remember what I said that at work is where we basically live because most of the hours of the day are spent there.

This cannot be blamed on the company should they ask employees to leave because the main goal of a company is to make profits by employing workers but not a charity organisation that just dishes out cash to keep employees employed.