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Underpayments - Exploitation - Unhappy With Your Job

I strongly believe that when working somewhere at some company or anything of that kind, you deserve to get paid for the extra hours put in and not only for the extra but for the service you offer to the company at large.

Like I said earlier that it’s not always about money but at least you get to be rewarded fairly at the end of the day. I guess this is where the term exploitation gets involved according to my own understanding.

In most cases you will find that you were the cause of all those from the beginning because of the way you obtained the job. For instance the time that you actually applied for the job, you clearly stated on your CV that you were willing to grab anything that came across even if it was cleaning.

Due to your desperation you gave them a platform to take advantage of the situation by bargaining the little amount they offered and because you had no choice, you grabbed it with both hands.

We should always know what we are worth right from the start and if the job is yours, it will be but if it isn’t, then we wait until the right opportunity presents itself.