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Stress - Hopeless - Unhappy With My Job

Finally patience is involved which is the reflection of their personality. Talking about patience, this is one of the things that a hopeless person doesn’t have and therefore many people end up living a stressful business life, which ends up affecting even their personal life at large.

Having no hope of where to start looking for a new job, wondering whether you would be demoted or eve retrenched, having tried to do all in your power to please your boss but seems like they don’t even notice your existence, trying to impress those difficult clients, or maybe keeping up with the peer pressure from people you work with.

 Stress could be very dangerous to one’s health as well as their mental well being and the only way to safe guard your heart from being troubled is to be patient. Remember the tip of sticking your ear speakers into your ears? This could be of help to avoid the negative around you. Your spiritual well being is very helpful in times like these whereby, when you have something positive to meditate and believe in, it could keep you going.