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Sickness - Hopeless - Unhappy With My Job

 When you are called to do something, you are well equipped concerning what you are destined to do through that talent you have, that is exactly where your provision is in life.

We will take a look at things for a while from a psychological point of view. There are things that are cause simply by our mental state for example, headache which is caused by stress in most cases. Then depression also leads to fever, then you find most people get a running stomach when they get bad news, same applies to hopelessness.

When you look at your life and there is no light in your future but fear and anxiety, then you are bound to gather all kinds of diseases. A good example of HIV and AIDS which people thought was a disease of its own.

The real truth behind this disease is that it is not the disease that actually kills a patient, but it attacks the security of the body. Eventually the patient becomes hopeless that they are going to die soon, and then depression gathers diseases which weaken the immune system; they end up dying because the body can’t take it anymore.