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Daily Sweat

Fear Of Unknown - Daily Sweat - Unnecessary Qualifications

Insecurities at your work place in many cases play a big role when it comes to making your business life a miserable place to spend time. When I talk about sweating, don’t necessarily mean the process of squeezing body fluids out of your ski pores, but literally means stressing ad having to wonder each and every day when knocking off time would arrive.

I would consider myself blessed because I work from home officially at the moment and that gives me enough time and energy to do my work at my own time without rushing for clients and all that kind of things.

Before I moved from town to start working from home, I worried a lot thinking clients wouldn’t be able to find me especially In the surbubs, which was also considered a very dangerous neighbourhood. That was one of my fears and having run out of opinions, I just had to move my business into my house.

Surprisingly, customers came later through word of mouth. Remember I told you when people learn to trust you, they bring business to you no matter where you are and they will always find you.