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Over Qualified - Daily Sweat - Unnecessary Qualifications

 As I mentioned earlier on that knowing too much could actually get you onto being unhappy at work, we could actually take advantage of those and use it to our own advantage. When you start your own business, it is of good advantage that you get as much knowledge as you can because going solo; there is no one to intimidate or put you under any pressure.

Time comes when you can’t run each and every department and you reach that stage where you hire employees to supervise and mange. Knowing as much as you can helps not to be fooled around because you clearly have an idea of what is going on and how it should be done.

I never studied accounting but I decided to sit on my laptop every night and educate myself about how all these TAX returns were being calculated and filled as well as filed. I took me only less than a month and later I did everything by myself which eventually helped me after I hired accountants and book keepers. I am able to know what they are doing and why I pay them.

Others spend a lot of their time studying while they grow old and by the time they apply for jobs, they are almost at the age of retiring which makes over qualification a disadvantag