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Background - Daily Sweat - Unnecessary Qualifications

African culture raises kids their own way, then afterwards they get to the co-operate world, it tells them to totally do the opposite. E.g. culture says “don’t look your elders in the eye and don’t answer back”. Co-operate world says, “Look the boss I the eye with your head high and share your opinion boldly”. I personally think the two have to find a way to meet each other half way.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to undermine culture or anything like that but you are raised with such a mentality that cannot be bold enough to stand up for your rights.

A child can easily be taken out of such into a better school or even a neighbourhood with different culture because among others, they get to learn different ways to handle life and approach.

Remember what I talked about in chapter 3 point 4.d, where you do everything around the same town? Basically your whole life story revolves around those perimeters and this limits your mind which ends up giving you a mentality in a box.

Step out there and have your children and raise them in a better environment where they get to meet other people who have broad minds and that will install a productive mindset in them, growing to be strong and independent, able to stand and survive out there in this heartless world.