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Intimidation - Daily Sweat - Unnecessary Qualifications

Going back briefly to the education point, this has become a serious matter that puts almost everyone in a stressful position at work. This is exactly where being over qualified becomes a big problem especially when you are much younger than your superior yet they have no qualifications regarding what they do.Definitely this could cause conflicts between the two parties simply because they are intimidated that they might end up losing their positions to you.

Eventually they start plotting behind you and try to get you into trouble just to get you fired or anything worse than that.Work places are supposed to be a place where you all treat each other as family because you are stuck with these people every day of your life and they live in your space.

 Therefore, the sooner you find a way to make this relationship work the better because you are here to stay in each other’s lives.I believe we always know what to do but we just choose to take each other on and give others a piece of your mind, but when you really choose to ignore others and be a good example, you might even end up being a tool to change them.