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Daily Sweat

Peer Pressure - Daily Sweat - Unnecessary Qualifications

On the other hand there are other things which keep you on your toes for example one of your colleagues just bought a new car and very soon they are moving in to their new house.

Surprisingly, you will definitely be put under pressure because “I mean how on earth they manage to save for all that yet I am trying to survive day after day”. Some are busy talking about how they are planning on going away on holiday overseas and yet you have never even dreamt of applying for a passport.

 Such things that happen at work end up making someone feel uncomfortable, not fitting in, lower than everybody else and therefore, they end up disliking their jobs and even resign without thinking twice.

I personally find sticking ear phones or sear speakers into my ears a very helpful way to cut myself from the rest of the world. That way I don’t get to hear what others around me say which also could be so antisocial but if you really have a weakness of being offended by what people say, then it’s better to put yourself first and do whatever it takes to guard your heart and keep yourself smiling throughout the day.