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Mindset - Poverty - Unnecessary Qualifications

It is usually easier to deal with personal issues when there is something or someone to hold responsible for whatever that is going wrong in your life.

Having excuses like;

  I. My father left and never even paid for maintenance.

 II. I was abused as a child and never got to focus on my studies.

 III. My boss hates me because of my skin colour.

 IV. Things have changed due to political reasons.

 V. We were promised this and that yet they never delivered.

 VI. God doesn’t care about me and that is why suffering.

All these kinds of excuses are what keep us backwards.

Poverty isn’t just in the wallet or bank account, not even in the fridge but in the mind and unless the thinking is broken down and reconstructed, nothing can ever change the situation.

 Being born in that small town, grow up in that same place, you get a girlfriend from next door and have a couple of kids with her, get a construction job and raise them at the same street, some grow and adopt the town’s behaviour by becoming criminals and so on and so forth. It is better to get out of the box and explore things and widen your mind.