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Privilege - Poverty - Unnecessary Qualifications

To be honest you might even find that a chain of opportunities avail themselves in people’s lives and they miss them, simply because of being in a wrong place at a wrong time. Like I mentioned, someone has qualifications but seriously speaking there is no demand.

Everyone goes for the same course just because of a simple announcement that was made on media that regarding accountants being needed of maybe the country is running short of teachers. A chance comes around where someone who knows you call and says that you have to come for an interview but after going through your CV, you are not actually the right person for the job.

This is my own opinion that we always find ourselves in a mess then we look for who to blame but in actual sense, doors have been opening up to us. It’s always either we are at a wrong place or the timing is bad.

You might find that scholarships were offered but because of our ignorance, we were so destructed by the things of the world and now we are looking for where to shift the blame.