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Crime - Poverty - Unnecessary Qualifications

One has do sit down and consider all these things I have mentioned otherwise they end up in a big mess that leads them to even being black listed. I am not trying to be this Mr. Perfect in all things but I am so fortunate that being a foreigner, banks couldn’t offer me any loan otherwise I would’ve ended up in the same situation perhaps.

One thing that has always kept me going in life is my faith knowing that all shall be well some day. Not many have that kind of patience and hope, which in most cases pushes them into doing things they wouldn’t have simply because they need to survive.

The majority of the criminals out there, when you ask them what drives them to crime will tell you that first of all they can hardly find employment, secondly if they found a job it paid them close to nothing. This couldn’t cover the costs and maybe they had a job yet they were miserable and unhappy so they left