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What You Know - Opportunities

People usually say success is not about what you know but who you know. In a way this is right and the only way to prosper in business is to get as many connections as possible.

Giving back to the education part, relying on what you know cannot always save the business. One good example is that when you work in a company and then out of nowhere a graduate from high school is introduced to you.

Next thing you are asked to show them the basics until they get familiar with the new environment. A few weeks later they are promoted to a position higher than yours and now they are your superior. Just to discover that this new employee is a son of so and so who happens to be a friend of the boss. 

We can all see that they didn’t get this job because of their CV but because they knew people who actually pulled strings. Don’t misinterpret my statement but what I am trying to say is that education is good and important but don’t achieve it with wrong motives. In case you happen to be uneducated, it’s not a big deal because you can still hire educated people to run your company while you sit back and watch sunset.