Beard Shave Infections

Curing Your Painful Beard Infection - Beard Shave Infection

To reduce the inflammation that accompanies beard rash, apply hydro-cortisone ointment to the skin surface up to four times each day.

Any skin lotion that contains aloe will not only help to ease the pain, it will promote faster healing.

Tea tree oils (Best Seller) are also very effective at reducing any discomfort, treating infections, and helping to heal the area faster. If you are experiencing high levels of discomfort during the day, apply a warm compress to the area as needed to help keep the skin moist and eliminate that pain.

The warm compress will help to drain and open those clogged follicles which are causing the red and swollen bumps. The best thing you can do when you experience beard rash is to step back and stop whatever you may have been doing up to this point. Keeping the skin moist and allowing it to heal thoroughly will go a long way in reliving your discomfort and allowing the rash to subside.