Beard Maintenance

What compliments your face the best - Beard Maintenance

The shape of your head plays a very important role not only on your looks but also on the way your beard is presented.

For example, if you have an oval or square face, you wouldn’t want to have a bushy beard on the sides. For such type of faces, longer style beards look better, straight down the sides of the face. Besides that, the particular beard style looks well groomed and sharp.

Even though the shape of your head is an important factor on the way you groom your beard, it’s not the only one.

Face features

Your face features also dictate the way you would want to groom and shape your beard. That being said, if you have big face features, like big nose, eyes or lips, you might be better off with a bushy and long beard.

What you want to achieve, is to make your face features look disproportionate compared to your bushy beard. This way, your beard will complement your face better.

On the other hand, if you have small face features, a slick short beard might look much better. With this beard style you can make your face characteristics more distinguished.