Growing A Male Beard

Itching Beard - Growing A Male Beard

The reason your beard is itchy is because when you shave, you are essentially creating little spears on the tips of each hair.

They finally get long enough to bend around and poke at your skin. Your neck is very suspect to this because of the angle where the neck meets the head.

 1) “Man it up” and just wait. It’s only temporary and will pass shortly.


 2) Apply ample amounts of moisturizer like a beard oil, or other product. Try to avoid moisturizures with alcohol in there as they actually dry out your skin.


 3) In the early stubble phase (day 1 or 2) use Soft Goat scruff softener. This product is designed to help make stubble softer and more kissable.



A Tip:

If you’re not used to letting your facial hair sprout, you’ll probably start to get itchy around week one. Don’t worry—this isn’t the sign of a rash or Phase 1 of an STD. It’s natural, because the facial hair you’re growing will make your face so dry, it'll practically collect dust. To help resist the urge to claw at your face and to soften the beard’s coarse texture, apply some baby lotion to your furry mug. You can also try a beard oil or conditioner, which will help keep things smooth and freshen up your scruff as you grow it out.