Growing A Male Beard

Beard Maintenance - Growing A Male Beard

The way you dress also dictates the way you feel and boosts your confidence. And this confidence is reflected to other people as well. It’s no coincidence that within a group of people, the alpha male is usually the most confident man.

If the way you dress can make you a better looking and more confident man, why would your beard be any different?

Besides, beard is a big part of your appearance. There are guys that make modelling careers because of their great looking beards.

Maintaining the beard regularly is something not many of us do. If you have a beard which is anything more than a stubble beard, it is very important to know how to comb it properly to get that well groomed look instead of the scruffy look of a cave man.

The way we comb depends a lot on the style and size of our beard, so for the purposes of this article, I will stick to the most common method of Maintenance.