Beauty Tips

Injibs Cosmets Beauty tips


Beauty is a very wide term that simply means a number of categories including hair, facial, nails, massage, scent, posture, speech as well health at large.

When beauty begins to fade away especially facial and hair beauty, it usually send an alarm of aging, which eventually draws near the thought of death. Usually the things that wear our beauty out are the day to day battles like fear, anxiety, obsession, psychological issues like stress, sickness, poor nutrition, frustrations as well as not sparing time to ourselves.

What we eat usually is what we are and therefore, when we consume a bunch of toxins, we will be fried into toxins. On the other hand, when we supply our bodies with nutritious foods we turn out appearing as fresh as the living enzymes that we consume.

Injibs Cosmets has collected a few home remedies from your kitchen that transform you in just a matter of hours, without spending on fancy and expensive products in order to achieve the look you desire.