Hair Lessons

Relaxer Burns - Professional Use (Hair Chemical Guide)

The reason I am giving you all this information about these hair chemicals is to alert you that if you decide to alter your natural hair structure and texture, you better take very high precautions and therefore whatever mistake done by you while handling them, shouldn’t be blamed on the companies that manufacture them because the ingredients and the instructions make everything pretty clear.

In my 20 years experience in dealing with hair and most especially natural coarse hair, I have come across several incidents when these chemicals burn fingers to an extent where they seem as if by mistake they were deepen into hot oil. There was a time when I became so ignorant that I didn’t bother using gloves for a long period of time, and I noticed that my hands were starting to get wrinkled and shrinking. The other thing that I realized was that they would sometimes tingle as a sign that there was no enough blood flowing into them and later I realized that I had to start being careful otherwise I would lose my hands as I grew older.