Male Pattern Baldness

Inflammation-Diagnosis(Male Pattern Baldness)

Inflammation causes many of the problems associated with bad hair and bad skin . Most of this inflammation is subclinical - the kind that can be seen only with a microscope.

Inflammation is an important part of the healing process. When you sprain an ankle, it gets swollen. This reaction is the work of your body’s healing agents mobilizing and rushing to fix the problem. Most people only think of this visible, “acute” reaction when they think of inflammation—the redness, the swelling, the tenderness. In contrast the inflammation that we can’t see, present in the blood, has the most influence on our health and waistline.

 Acute inflammation is a good thing that helps heal our bodies. But, if the body is always in healing mode, it experiences chronic or constant inflammation, which is damaging. When our systems experience nonstop inflammation, our bodies are constantly fighting invaders. The relentless siege taxes fortifications. While the body is fighting on one front, resources are not available to fight new threats like disease and infection. We get sick more often. Even though we can’t see chronic inflammation, we need to care about this marker.

What mainly determines if our diet is either pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory are wild swings in blood sugar.