Hair Lessons

Hairline-Styling Tools(Hair Alteration)

The hairline is usually most likely to easily break out due to its inability to stand its ground unlike the rest of the hair found at the rest of the parts of the scalp. The hairline is the most fragile hair because of its allocation closely next to the skin of the forehead, around the cheek bones as well as the back of the neck. When the hairline gets pulled so tight that it makes it difficult to relax, the scalp gets irritated which affects the follicles underneath, and eventually the thin fragile hair loses its ground resulting into falling off.

That is the reason why it is preferably better to avoid very thin and tiny braid and if they are thick, do not let the hair be pulled very tight to an extent where you can even hardly smile. This is a sign that your hair is being exposed to exhaustion and scalp irritation leading to hair breakage.