Hair Lessons

Scalp Pores-Injibs Hair Products(Maintenance)

Injibs hair products have the ability to open up scalp pores, penetrate the scalp do what they are meant to at close the pores back tightening the scalp protecting it from harmful agents to invade and cause more damage. Usually due to several reasons, blood isn’t able to flow in to some areas of our bodies and this includes the scalp, leaving those areas damaged and not able to produce hair because the follicles in the scalp don’t get nutrients to perform the task.

What injibs hair product does is to stimulate the scalp, attracting blood flow in to those parts of the scalp and therefore bringing life back in to those hair follicles that have died for ages. Many people get excited after seeing and feeling some baby hair starting to grow out of the scalp and soon they stop applying the injibs hair product, which is not advisable because by doing so, you hinder the thin baby hair from getting stronger into thick hair and eventually break out due to lack of strength.