Hair Lessons

Polution-Injibs Hair Products(Maintenance)

Injibs cosmets hair product is capable of fuelling hair that has been dried out by toxins from air pollution, sun burn as well as dehydration from not drinking enough water daily as recommended. The air is heavily polluted each and every day by all the chemical fumes released by industries as well as those released by motor vehicles on the road and all these toxins are heavily inhales into our systems, becoming harmful to our cells which hinder the effectiveness and functioning of the body as it should.

The hair becomes dry, brutal as well as losing its natural shine and colour, therefore start looking thin and unhealthy simply because of the toxins from the inside out of the body. They usually say you are what you eat and I find this so true from experience. Drinking a lot of water to make sure that you are hydrated is a very healthy and essential suggestion for ones well being which is beneficial to all parts of the body including hair. Injibs hair products get to work more effectively when they find hair that is hydrated which quickens the process of delivering instant results in a matter of time.