Hair Lessons

Shampoo Afro Twice-Shampoo And Conditioner(Maintenance)

When shampooing natural coarse hair, it is very important that you comb out all the knots that might exist due to styling substances used previously then prepare your warm water as well as cold water because we will need it for the finishing after rinsing out the shampoo as well as conditioner.

 It is normally easier when washing your own hair to stand under the shower than bending over using your hands to pick up the hair and precede rubbing it while using a motion that could eventually tangle it into knots. The advantage of the shower is that water fall on to hair and runs through it leaving it clean and it might not even require using hands to rub it against each other. After all it is not the hair itself that basically needs to be cleaned necessarily but the scalp that holds dirt, oils and other substances which usually clog the pores of the scalp preventing it from breathing in oxygen in order to function as it should.