Hair Lessons

2: Fluff a Potion Of Afro-Casual Look(Natural Hair)

Several other styles include picking a thick portion of hair in either a circular or a square shape, leaving it fluffy a couple of inches away from the scalp, take the ends and twist them to the tips. They actually don’t have to be a lot on the head and only like ten of them should do the style. Always try to make sure that the lines from the scalp are very neat and clear because basically they are the ones that define the style and not the fluffy dark balls of hair.

Should the texture of your hair able to form zigzag curls around the tips, then leaving your hair lose in a fro style would be another option for a casual style although conditioner would be required just to define the curls more clear. This style usually depends on how long your hair is that determines whether you would wear trousers or a dress. Usually when the hair is very long and hanging down then it is advisable to go for trousers or a pair of shorts but when it is short and spiky, then it is better to wear dresses.