Hair Lessons

2: Hair Match Making-Professional Look(Natural Hair)

People usually judge you according to your appearance most especially those who don’t know you well or those seeing you for the first time and remember what they usually say that first appearance counts. When you show up at some work function looking as if you are trying to parade yourself for a quick pick up, that is exactly what people will associate you with.

 First and foremost it is important to learn what hair styles match with what kind of outfit whereby you don’t get to mix up everything and end up looking like a Christmas tree or even like a clown. Usually when the dress you have to wear is long and reveals the back, then your hair has to be held up in order to show your neck as well. When the dress reveals most of the upper flesh like arms, back, neck, chest as well as tummy then the hair would be preferably hanging down since a lot of flesh is revealing.