Damaged Hairline

Grieving-Hairline Loss Due to Stress And Anxiety

Hair documents our different life phases. We all go through many personal evolutions and express our religion, political orientation, and relationship status through the way we wear our hair. When something changes, often we cut our hair much shorter or into a new style.

When people come to me for help with hair loss, I always inquire, if someone has died recently or about two months before the onset. Often the first response is no. But then it turns out that a beloved pet has passed or a mis-carriage took place or something else 'died' like a work situation or a loving relationship.
Hair loss deals with the themes of life, death, and rejuvenation.  When hair is falling out, more hairs are in the telogen phase of the hair growth rhythm and are literally dying.  In that sense each single hair represents the greater cycle of life, death and rebirth.