Damaged Hairline

Trichotillomania-Damaged Hairline By Pulling Hair

Permanent damage from Trichotillomania is a very real possibility for many who suffer from it. At Lucinda Ellery Consultancy they help manage most types of Trichotillomania; with perhaps one exception being very mild TTM when there is no visible hair loss from the hair pulling. We often see women with extensive hair loss from their hair pulling and typically encounter 40 – 70% hair loss in most cases.

In our experience if a client has been pulling their hair for more than 7 - 10 years there is a possibility that permanent follicle damage is starting to occur.

 This can range from a small reduction in the volume of hair re-growing, to chronic permanent damage where most or all of the hair is no longer re-growing in the area that has been pulled for normally many years. You can see examples of ladies with permanent damage in the photos below.

There are exceptions; they also meet women who pull hair from a seemingly large area but who have the ability to stop for sometimes extended periods of time. This will sometimes reduce their risk of permanent follicle damage.