Dreads Maintenance

Dreadlocks Residues Can Also Cause Scalp Irritations

Many of the reasons our scalps are dry and itchy is because of residues, whether they come from shampoos, conditioners, or chemicals. Using a residue free shampoo will get your scalp clean every time you wash it. Oils can be used in between washings to keep the scalp moisturized if dryness is an issue.

It's much better to add these oils if, when and where you need them rather that trying to include them in your shampoo. In this way you have complete control and you can keep your scalp happy and healthy by giving it what it wants.

We are proud to offer a completely residue free dreadlocks shampoo. You'll notice after several washings that your dreads will begin to dry faster after each washing. This is not only convenient, it also prevents troublesome mildew from growing in thicker locks.