Injibs Hair Products

Injibs Braids/Weave Spray Application (2 in 1)

Use daily for best results. Shake spray thoroughly, hold hair/dreadlocks up in one hand and spray INJIBS ITCHY SCALP  BRAID SPRAY 5cm  from the hair roots and scalp. Spray evenly ensuring all the roots are covered and moisturized. Do not pull on the hair. Massage hair and scalp (do not use your finger nails.

For application under weaving wxtensions, work your way throug the hair, hold the spray bottle closer to the scalp and spray evenly. Rab the whole weave gently and let the spray work its way through the weave. the weave will get abit wet but after a short while it will dry up, leaving the hair non greacy or oily.


Very safe around children. Do not be alarmed if it gets incontact with eyes or mouth. All ingredients are contents from the kitchen.