Hair Grow Diet

6-Oysters-A Hair Grow Diet

The benefits of zinc for healthy hair is not a secret anymore. It keeps the scalp healthy that can hold the hair with a greater strength. Oysters are rich sources of zinc. Its deficiency can lead to hair fall problems. If you keep eating oysters regularly, you would never think about following any preventive measure for saving your hair from falling away.

Apart from keeping hair healthy, it is also important to keep it black, at least till you reach the age of 60-70 years. Copper, in the oyster, helps the growth of the pigment called Melanin. This pigment is effective in making the hair black apart from giving it strength. Besides, it is also important for the metabolism of iron that keeps hair strong and healthy.

Apart from preventing hair fall, iron helps in retaining the hair strands to their roots. Oysters have a natural store of iron that stops deficiency caused by increasing sensitivity of the scalp. It stabilises the sensitivity of the gland to help the growth of inhibitory factors. It results in holding the hair to the follicles and staying there for long.